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Sexual Harassment in Malaysia - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1359 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Topics: Sexual Harassment Essay Did you like this example? SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN MALAYSIA Sexual harassment is a serious offense, such offense often happen to woman especially in a workplace where majority employees are male or often the employer to the female worker is a man. In Malaysia, sexual harassment victims are usually the female workers. Sexual harassment could be anything from a verbal harassment, making inappropriate remarks, suggestion inappropriate stuff towards a female employee. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Sexual Harassment in Malaysia" essay for you Create order Sexual harassment could also be persistent flirting and making distasteful inappropriate body contact like light touching, pinching, patting, hugging and fondling. It is surprise to know that Malaysia does not have a law specifically for combating sexual harassment in workplace until the amendment done on Employment Act 1955 in 2012. Before that, sexual harassment is governed by a code of practice called the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. This code of practice was introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources after the issue of sexual harassment has reached to its peak, forcing the authority to come out with this solution as the only law before this code is Section 509 of the Penal Code which reads à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any women, utters any words, makes any sound or gesture or exhibit any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5 years or with fine, or with bothà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . Section 509 Penal Code only deals with sexual harassment in the physical aspect, that means making inappropriate remarks does not amount to sexual harassment.[1] Clearly by the enforcement of this law alone is not sufficient to combat this issue and eventually pressured the Ministry to produce such code of practice. This Code offers a much more practical rule for employers and employees to follow in the protection of the employee from sexual harassments. This Code also provides a far wider definition of sexual harassment. It is stated in article 4 of the Code that à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature having the effect of verbal, non-verbal, visual, psychological or physical harassment: that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by the recipient as placing a condition of a sexual nature on her/his employment; or that might, o n reasonable grounds, be perceived by the recipient as an offence or humiliation, or a threat to his/her well-being, but has no direct link to her/his employmentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ .[2] This definition is indeed an improvement compare to the Penal Codeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Section 509 which only covers physical aspect of sexual harassment, by this Code, those suffers from verbally harassment and psychological harassment are protected. Furthermore, this Code had distinguished sex harassment into two categorized which is sexual coercion and sexual annoyance. According to article 5 of the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, sexual coercion is where an employer took advantage of his or her position to coerced the employee for sexual favors which if the employee refuses to execute those favors might be put in a position where they loses their job or benefits in the workplace. As for sexual annoyance, ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s where the victim is subject to offensive harassment which causes annoyance for the victim and it distracts the victim from performing their job properly. This category usually falls between employee to employee and sometimes between client to employee.[3] This Code also provides protection for employees outside of the workplace due to the job requires the employee to work outside. Article 6 of the Code explains that circumstances under which such employment-related sexual harassment may occur incorporates, yet is not limited to: (i) at work-related social capacities; (ii) over the span of work assignment outside the working environment; (iii) at work-related meetings or preparing sessions; (iv) throughout work-related travel; (v) via telephone; and (vi) through electronic media Next, after the introduction of the Code, another problem arose which is that the Ministry has no legal force to pressure all companies into adopting the Code, thus the amendment to the Employment Act 1955 was proposed by the Ministry of Human Resource in 2010 to give legal backing to the Code to combat sexual harassment more effectively and to give legal acknowledgement of the sexual harassment outside of workplace.[4] The proposal was to amend the Section 2 of the Employment Act 1955 to introduce a new definition for the term sexual harassment into as any unwanted behavior of a sexual nature, whether verbal, non-verbal, visual, gestural or physical, steered at an individual which is infuriating or humiliating or is a threat to his prosperity emerging out of and over the span of his employment. This definition is different compare to the definition given in the Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace which reads à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature having the effect of verbal, non-verbal, visual, psychological or physical harassment: that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by the recipient as placing a condition of a sex ual nature on her/his employment; or that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by the recipient as an offence or humiliation, or a threat to his/her well-being, but has no direct link to his/her employment.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ [5] Plus the proposed amendment plans to include Section 81G which will enforce on all employee under any contract of service. In addition, the proposed of Section 81B, makes it a compulsory responsibility for all employers to set up a channel to investigate all allegations regarding sexual harassment between employees and employers.[6] This section also demands that a complaint is to be inquire in a manner prescribed by the Minister. The proposed amendments of Employment Act 1955 demands that the employers whom failed or refused to investigate the complaints made, the employers must within 30 days let the person who made the complaints the reason why the complaints was not investigated in written form. This proposed amendment is a very positive proposal , it could effectively help the victims that did not get closure over the harassment that happened to them, an explanation to the victim could help them not feel like injustice has been done upon them. In 2012, finally, the amendment has pass through the Parliament and was enacted in 1st April 2012, a new law on sexual harassment was introduced where an employee can make a complaint against another employee or against the employer, the new law also allows the employer to made sexual harassment complaint against their own employees as well. The new laws had made it compulsory for the employers to investigate all the sexual harassment complaints and impose punishment to the employee if found guilty.[7] Conclusion is, Malaysiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s sexual harassment law are in slow pace in the growing process, more can be done to provide better protection against sexual harassment. Such amendment on the Employment Act 1955 are just a small step into protecting the people and it is a positive beginning on the betterment of the laws of sexual harassment. [1] Lee Li Hoong (2011). Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.sk [Last Accessed 24 April 14]. [2] Kementerian Sumber Manusia (2014). CODE OF PRACTICE ON THE PREVENTION AND ERADICATION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 24 April 14]. [3] Kementerian Sumber Manusia (2014). Code Of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication Of Sexual Harassment In the Workplace. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 24 April 14]. [4] Alagappar, P.N. Marican, S, (2013). Media Coverage of Sexual Harassment in Malaysia: A Content Analysis Case Study. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research. 64 (4), pp.17-21 [5] Kementerian Sumber Manusia (2014). Code Of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication Of Sexual Harassment In the Workplace. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 24 April 14]. [6] Ismail, M.N. Lee, K.C. Chan, F.B., (2007). :Factors Influencing Sexual Harassment in The Malaysian Workplace. Asian Academy of Management Journal. 12 (2), pp.15-31 [7] T. Balasubramaniam (2012). LABOUR LAW AMENDMENTS: Little awareness of changes. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 25 April 14].

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Essay on External and Internal Conflict in The Minister’s...

External and Internal Conflict in â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† manifests a duality of conflict – both an external conflict and an internal conflict. It is the purpose of this essay to explore both types of conflict as manifested in the story. In the opinion of this reader, the central conflicts – the relation between the protagonist and antagonist (Abrams 225) - in the tale are an internal one, a spiritual-moral conflict within the minister, the Reverend Mr. Hooper, and an external one with the world at large represented by the congregation. Wilson Sullivan in â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne† tells where the author got the idea of a conflict between good and†¦show more content†¦. . . . . . more than one woman of delicate nerves was forced to leave the meeting-house. At this point begins the external conflict of the drama – between the minister and the people of his congregation, which will last until his death. Except for the sable veil, Reverend Hooper is quite a compatible and sociable personality: Mr. Hooper had the reputation of a good preacher, but not an energetic one: he strove to win his people heavenward by mild, persuasive influences, rather than to drive them thither by the thunders of the Word. The sermon which he now delivered was marked by the same characteristics of style and manner as the general series of his pulpit oratory. However, on this first day of wearing his black veil there is some peculiar difference in Hooper’s sermon: But there was something, either in the sentiment of the discourse itself, or in the imagination of the auditors, which made it greatly the most powerful effort that they had ever heard from their pastors lips. It was tinged, rather more darkly than usual, with the gentle gloom of Mr. Hoopers temperament. The subject had reference to secret sin. . . . The psychological impact of the veil is that each parishioner feels that â€Å"the preacher had crept upon them, behind his awful veil, and discovered their hoarded iniquity of deed or thought†; and â€Å"withShow MoreRelated The Minister’s Black Veil– External, Internal Conflict Essay2734 Words   |  11 Pagesâ€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ External, Internal Conflict  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚   Based on the evaluations of literary critics, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† contains both an external and an internal conflict, about equally treated in the tale. It is the intent of this essay to explore both types of conflict as presented in the story.    R. W. B. Lewis in â€Å"The Return into Rime: Hawthorne† implies internal and external conflict in his statement: â€Å"Finally, it wasRead More The Minister’s Black Veil - Conflict, Climax and Resolution Essay2908 Words   |  12 Pagesâ€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† - Conflict, Climax and Resolution  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† will be examined in order to determine the conflicts in the tale, the climax and resolution.    The conflict involving evil and sin, pride and humility is the direction that Clarice Swisher in â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Biography† tends: â€Å"Hawthorne himself was preoccupied with the problems of evil, the nature of sin, the conflict between pride and humility† (13)Read MoreEssay on The Allegory in The Minister’s Black Veil2914 Words   |  12 PagesThe Allegory in â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   It is the purpose of this essay to show that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† is indeed an allegory. M. H. Abrams defines an allegory as a â€Å"narrative, whether in prose or verse, in which the agents and actions, and sometimes the setting as well, are contrived by the author to make coherent sense on the ‘literal,’ or primary, level of signification, and at the same time to signify a second, correlated order of signification†Read More Psychoanalitic Approach to The Minister’s Black Veil Essay2506 Words   |  11 Pagesshow how realistic, even common, this somewhat absurd event may actually be. In a psychological analysis, this is a necessary element in both de-personalizing a situation and giving it potential for universal application. In Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil, many interpretations by way of psychological analysis are possible, and, once exposed, quite apparent. Once r evealed, there are many routes for understanding the story in a psychoanalytical context. The main approaches this essay will takeRead More Allegory, Symbolism, and Madness – Comparing the Demons of Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne3842 Words   |  16 Pages As contemporaries of each other, Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne endeavored to write about man’s dark side, the supernatural influence, and moral truths. Each writer saw man as the center-point in his stories; Poe sees man’s internal struggle as madness, while Hawthorne sees man as having a â€Å"secret sin.† Each had their reasons for writing in the Gothic format. Poe was not a religious man; he was well educated and favored reading the German Gothic literature, which would become

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Lawrence Joy Panged Jinn Jinn Shank Hannah Amanda Free Essays

What are the various types of mallard? How do worms differ from viruses? D o Trojan horses carry viruses or worms? The various types of mallard are viruses, worms, Trojan horses, polymorphic threats, virus and worm hoaxes, back door or trap door, dentifrice’s and distributed dentifrice’s, and mail bomb. B. A virus must be executed such as opening an infected email attachment while a worm can be initiated with or without the user downloading or executing the e file. We will write a custom essay sample on Lawrence Joy Panged Jinn Jinn Shank Hannah Amanda or any similar topic only for you Order Now C. A Trojan horse carries neither a virus or worm. 2. Why does polymorphism cause greater concern than traditional mallard? Ho w does it affect detection? A polymorphic virus is a complicated computer virus that affects data types and functions. It is a selflessness virus designed to avoid detection by a scan near. Upon infection, the polymorphic virus duplicates itself by creating usable, alb tit slightly modified, copies of itself. Polymorphism, in computing terms, means that a single definition can be use d with varying amounts of data. In order for scanners to detect this type of virus fourscore programs must be written to combat and detect the polymorphic iris with novel variant configurations. Polymorphic virus might have a virus decryption n routine (AVID) and an encrypted virus program body (EVE). When an infected applicant launches, the AVID decrypts the encrypted virus body back to its original form so the virus can perform its intended function. Once executed, the virus is reentry De and added to another vulnerable host application. Because the virus body is not al tired, it provides a kind of complex signature that can be detected by sophisticated an diverts programs. 3. What is the most common violation of intellectual property? How does an org nation protect against it? What agencies fight it? The most common violation of intellectual property is theft, which is illegal taking of another’s property. The value of information suffers when it is copies d and taken away without the owner’s knowledge. Within an organization, that prop retry can be physical, electronic, or intellectual. Physical theft is controlled relatively ease Electronic theft is a more complex problem; the evidence of crime is not read apparent. Physical theft can be controlled quite easily. A wide variety of mess urges can be used from simple locked doors to trained security personnel and the install action of alarm systems. Electronic theft, however, is a more complex problem to man GE and control. Organizations may not even know it has occurred. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPE), an organ of the United Nations, suggests laws t enforce Intellectual property rights worldwide. The convention of this organize action establishing on July 14, 1967 focuses on protecting the right of intellectual pro Perry. 4. How is technological obsolescence a threat to information security? How to cite Lawrence Joy Panged Jinn Jinn Shank Hannah Amanda, Papers

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Dirty Harry ( Don Siegel ) The Godfather ( Francis Ford Coppola ) free essay sample

Examines plots, styles, social messages, characters, values of 1971 1972 films. The Godfather was the highest-grossing film of 1972, while Dirty Harry was a major success the year before. Both films can be defined loosely as being in the crime genre, but their generic differences are considerable. The Godfather is in the tradition of the gangster film, though it melds this with a traditional family drama, while Dirty Harry is a police drama that owes as much to television as to earlier movies for much of its structure and theme. The Godfather was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in his first major studio feature, while Dirty Harry was directed by Don Siegel, a veteran with many films to his credit by the time he directed this one. The way the two filmmakers approach their material is quite different, and yet in one respect they are similarboth filmmakers respond to the socio-historical forces of their time and embody some aspect of those forces in their. We will write a custom essay sample on Dirty Harry ( Don Siegel ) The Godfather ( Francis Ford Coppola ) or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page .

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Invitation to a Beheading Review Essay Example

Invitation to a Beheading Review Paper Essay on Invitation to a Beheading Brilliant artist again painted a portrait of the world. Silly and strange portrait. Instead, the depth, accuracy, purity of lines and colors of some avant-garde in the style of Picasso. And you defended two hours in a queue at the Pushkin this spring? ) Cincinnatus C., a real live people, live in an absurd little world of non-humans, poor ghosts and humanoid dolls. For something incomprehensible, for some its foggy opacity and gnosiologicheskuyu infamy Cincinnatus C. is sitting in jail waiting for the execution. We will write a custom essay sample on Invitation to a Beheading Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Invitation to a Beheading Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Invitation to a Beheading Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer and of course I have deceived you in the title, because no process or Castle Kafkas got nothing to do with it. The process Joseph K. suffered not for the idea and for the absence of such a general nature in this world There is also a crime the protagonist is quite clear and demonstrable -. it is present conductive, as opposed to all that surrounds it. Dolls, covered with human skin, drive around dance and act out his play. Change roles, masks, costumes and wigs. Confused words, coming up with absurd scenes, change the scenario in the course of the play. Dolls jailers, judges, doll-wife, doll-mother and executioner doll, which should cut off his head. Hangman with the prison director dig an underground passage to the chamber a prisoner to make a surprise for him, his wife comes in the last meeting with all of your family and a new lover, and on the eve of execution in honor prisoner suit almost firework. All this is so stupid that it is not even scary. That is certainly scary to die, but also somehow not real. And the closer the penalty, the absurd becomes the surrounding microcosm. Reality is simply bursting at the seams, and finally falling apart. Prison breaks down, the crowd on the square in front of the scaffold seems ill-drawn, flat and transparent figures of people. All of this spreads, the port disappears before our eyes. Actually, no blow of the ax, nor death Cincinnatus did not even feel it. He just gets a chopping block and go on the fragments of scenery where, judging by the voices are being like him. Perhaps this book that there is no death. About that death does not have to do with us.

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Advantage of China Economic Essay Example

Advantage of China Economic Essay Example Advantage of China Economic Essay Advantage of China Economic Essay 1st advantage China has a more developed than in many developing countries and the balance of trade, Chinas much faster rate than India has been since the 1950s, manufacturing growth. In 1980, when China and India in the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita more or less equal, China has enjoyed a strong advantage in manufacturing. 2nd advantage Chinas strong and effective state machinery has been modernized and effective tool for mobilizing resources. Despite the belief of the free market as the only reliable tool for the development of the advantages, the fact is, South Korea and Taiwan has been the modernization of state-led. China increased by only one example, despite the fact that, since the 1980s, a smaller share of economic activity in the account, rather than in the 1949-1979 state. China is able to pour huge amounts of state money, the development of new industries and new export processing zone (EPZ), great infrastructure, and a few developing countries compete. This also applies to the exercise of social control by the Chinese state level. 3rd advantage Large-scale China 1. 3 billion people, a big country has greatly magnified the effective state-led economic growth and superior manufacturing advantages. It produces the benefits of economies of scale. Her huge export processing zones set up out of nothing, and now China houses the worlds export processing zones, two-thirds of the workers. This advantage to help China build its own specialized three basic manufacturing clusters, each. The first is the Pearl River Delta (including Hong Kongs main export channel), specializing in labor-intensive manufacturing, production of spare parts and their General Assembly. Second, the Yangtze River delta, specializing in capital-intensive industries: automotive, semiconductors, mobile phones and laptops, computers, and others. th advantage Legacy of land reform. Is generally considered Chinas land reform more successful than India. India, China has been in the competition as early as 1980, even in all the early indicators of human development: literacy rate, daily calorie intake, mortality, infant mortality, life expectancy and so on. 5th advantage Deep-rooted nationalism. More than 90%, while th e dominant Indian nation, the state dominated by the Han ethnic group accounts for only one-fifth of the country. This could make China more than Indias nationalist consistency: in fact, this factor helps to Peoples Republic of China (China) rise, and to promote her once, did not dare defy the United States and the Soviet Union at the same time. Chinas anti-colonial and contemporary history, made her sensitive to both foreign domination and confidence, without fear, if necessary. 6th advantage China is fully atomized in the face of an absolute state of labor. 1949 revolution, is a real farmers to mobilize the masses for Chinas modernization and democratization. Although the task of modernization has achieved some notable, the latter democracy failed. On the contrary, we have a bureaucratic state control of all popular, and any award. Disadvantages of Economic in ChinaIt said the rise of the worlds fourth-largest economy was mainly fuelled by investments and exports. The figure was above the 10. 5% that officials had predicted. The government is worried that such high levels of growth may be unsustainable, and has taken a series of measures to try to slow it down. The Chinese economy has now enjoyed four consecutive years of at least 10% growth, the NBS said. The expansion in 2006 topped the 10. 4% rate a year earlier, and is the highest since 1995, when the economy grew by 10. 9%. In 2006, the national economy maintained steady and fast growth, NBS commissioner Xie Fuzhan told reporters in Beijing. Chinas economy continues to be powered by a huge appetite for investment, and a boom in exports that generated a trade surplus of $177. 47bn last year. But the government is concerned that some parts of the economy are becoming overheated. Beijing has taken a number of steps in order to cool things down. These policies and measures proved to be effective and helped economic development avoid moving from speedy growth to overheating. Pollutions problem A lot of money, so that exports from China has ended up in Shanghai, Chinas stock exchange. Yuan moneys huge trade surplus in 2006 It has gone from the worlds one of the worst performing one of the best, says the BBCs Quentin Somerville Shanghai. But some experts are concerned that the exchange of the stock market bubble of the housing bubble, our correspondent says. He increase China success thanks to low wages, good infrastructure and a huge almost pollution. Factories and economic costs of pollution in the environment and the health of the Chinese people should not get the records, our correspondent says. China growth figures itself health advice, he adds. Halfway discovered last year by the government, the economy $ 100 billion more than previously estimated. Advantages of economic in USA First, its land large. Other things equal, a country is the largest (ie the U. S. relative to the size of the average size of the countrys advantage. In 101 countries, per capita income as a sample of 54% . 1 estimate of the difference shows the advantage of greater advantage, if no internal trade barriers. Since its inception, the United States has been fortunate in the internal free trade, interstate commerce clause because the U. S. Constitution, which states that only the federal government can regulate trade between the 50 states. In addition, labor and capital to move between a countrys regions. The main advantage is to be accepted by the worlds currency, the dollar and a lot of GDP (gross domestic product of the total production in a country the value of all goods and services), and has a strong military and a stable government. These are the foreign investment, private and government investment in the U. S. market attractiveness, and the Department of Treasury securities. Increase foreign investment in available cash economy to create jobs and wealth. It also allows the U. S. government in low-interest loans. These are vital to the economy, because it is consumption. Disadvantages of Economic in USA The disadvantage is all dependent on it is dependent on all the markets, commodities, housing, production, retail sales, consumer technology are the foundation. With this economy, it is necessary to maintain public expenditure, to buy, creating demand for goods and services increasing. It is also dependent on the public is willing to accept debt as a way of life. This makes foreign and domestic investment and credit life support mechanisms. When the bubble is in any market, or credit is limited, it creates a deflation, sending all the other market crash, once started, it is very difficult if not impossible to stop and open the f around. When down or stall the economy, domestic GDP booths, confidence and stability, not to stimulate it. At this point, the government can only life support because they are in the 1930s, most recently in the collapse of the economy. Federal Reserve (Fed) must be printed with the flood of debt the money supply. As the economy recovers, the Fed must be precise timing of economic liquidity (printed money). Too much too fast will lead to economic stall and return to recession. If there is not enough to take out, or not soon, inflation will soon be established, the risk of hyperinflation.

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Financial service-Banking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Financial service-Banking - Essay Example The U.S and European market had enjoyed a lot of freedom thanks to deregulation and privatization in the financial industry. However, this trend was to be detrimental a decade later. According to Anne Khademian the government’s efforts to manage the financial crisis has been monumental (841). She continues to add that the congress made major reforms in the financial industry. First there was the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act. These acts were aimed at regulating the unregulated financial industry, which had crippled the economy. This was an attempt by the government to reverse the actions of subprime lenders and investors, financial market intermediaries and credit rating agencies. Due to the unregulated nature of the financial and banking industry financial institutions were offering high interest rate mortgages. In sub-prime lending, banks were lending out higher interest rates to their customers without considering the risk of default rates of their customers. The banks were also fast to approve the loans because of the high interest rates charged on the loans. During the financial crisis, at least four million people faced foreclosure due to their inability to pay loans. Consequently the banks were late in receiving their payments and meeting their credit obligations. The government had to step in and bail out the banks in an attempt to end the financial crisis. The U.S treasury and E.U commission pumped in billions of dollars and Euros to the banks in order to save them from liquidity. The government plays an important role when it comes to stabilizing the economy. This is achieved by either lowering or increasing the lending bank rates. In the journal article, the author says, â€Å"the response to the crisis caused by too much debt and interest rates manipulated interest rates too low† (Khademian, 842). During the financial crisis, the government lowered the interests lending rates to